Don't Put Off Broadcast Tower Maintenance or Inspection

Count on us for fast, reliable service in Oxford, AR

Your tower takes a lot of abuse from the elements. Treat it with care by hiring Ascend Tower for tower maintenance services. We're based in Oxford, AR and provide services throughout the country. You can call on us to work on self-supporters or guyed towers in your area.

Keeping up with tower or antenna maintenance can reduce the risk of expensive repair needs later on. Call 870-373-1942 now to speak with a technician about your maintenance plan.

Catch problems early

Noticing problems in their early stages can help reduce your repair costs. That's why we recommend scheduling routine inspections to check all of the major components of your tower. Our tower inspection services cover...

Guyed towers
Plumb and Tension

We recommend inspections every four or five years. If our tower inspection reveals a need for repairs, we'll let you know immediately. Reach out today to schedule an appointment.